Security seriously matters to us.

While we can be classified as a startup we actually spend a lot of our time on making sure we implement airtight security. Like you we value privacy and understand how important it is to keep your information secure.

Server compliance, hardware and infrastructure security

We selected our servers first and foremost because of security. We specifically selected AWS as partner because they are the biggest server organization in the world and they have top notch security in place. Everything is covered from digital to physical access to the servers. Securing servers and ensuring availability are very specialized tasks. In fact this is so specialized that you probably need a full team of clever server and network specialists to reach and maintain this level of security. If you never heard of AWS (Amazon Web Services) don’t take our word for it and do some investigation yourself. This might be a good place to start: AWS compliance

Connection security

Our site and our apps use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) with 256-bit encryption. If you are on a browser you will see the “https” and a green lock to ensure a save and secure connection between the user and our servers. The same technology is used by banks for mobile payments.

Reliability and backup

To prevent loss of data we implemented servers with 99,95% uptime guarantee. We also made sure there are up-to-date identical copies of our databases available that can instantly take over as a fail-safe in case of an unexpected event. In addition we make automated daily backups of our environment to prevent data loss even further.

PEN-test and audits

We constantly test our security. We conducted PEN-tests. These penetration tests can be seen as a form of (ethical) hacking. The aim of these tests is to Penetrate the system. Also yearly audits from independent experts are conducted.