Your meeting-life just got easier. Again.

We have great news for you. You can now email your meeting minutes with one click to all meeting participants. This is great if you want to share the meeting minutes with a customer or a supplier. It’s all about this new button in your meeting:

Distribute meeting minutes via email in 2 clicks

We listened well and understood that we make your life way easier if you can sent good meeting minutes in literally no-time. With RocketMeetings this is now possible. You just have to push 1 button at the end of the meeting and select who should receive the meeting minutes. Click send and all is done even before you walk out of your meeting.

Give it a try

Want to give it a try? Not sure what exactly will happen? Here is an idea: just select yourself and and directly see in your inbox what was sent. Feedback? Yes, please! Do let us know how we can even further improve your meeting life!

Happy EASY Meetings!