Topics and why they are great

There is a really important reason why topics are super helpful in and around meetings. To really understand it we should look at the contents of meetings.

The nature of many meetings

Many meetings are repetitive. They are held at a certain interval i.e. daily, weekly, bi-weekly monthly, etc. During these meetings specific topics are discussed. Most board- and management meetings are related to multiple  topics. So in practise boards have an agenda with multiple points on different topics. That could i.e. be anything related to performance, a specific project, a merger or budget related matters. In all these cases we understand that it is the specific topic that binds these parts of the meetings in time.

The problem with traditional meeting minutes

Lots of time is spend on establishing what has happened for a specific topic till date. In most cases this requires to go thru a bunch of meeting minutes and draw your own conclusion.

The worst part is the second problem of this fenomena. Different team members are not really on one page. This leads to inertia of the team and the organization as a whole. I think we should always try to eliminate inertia. In fact. It might just be the real difference between outperforming the market or just being in the middle. Not convinced? How often have you made an powerpoint or written a memo with 95% info that was already discussed before? See the extra work involved?

The solution

Good thing that there is a really good and easy solution. RocketMeetings, obviously :-) No, seriously. This is an important matter. Wouldn’t is be great if in some way a system would be able to link all these different topics together and provide you, with just 1 click, an overview on what has happened on that specific topic? That is exactly what we build.

Going the extra mile

As we all know, once a topic is discussed and decisions are made stuff needs to be done. This happens mostly outside meetings or sometimes in meetings with different participants. We made sure you can continue working on a topic outside a meeting or even in a different meeting with different participants and we will still be able to generate that amazing topic-insight for you.