We are so excited about what is coming! I cannot wait to tell you. It will be the biggest addition to RocketMeetings till date.

The introduction of projects in RocketMeetings!

This is what you can do:

  • Create shared and personal task-list
  • Manage projects

Full integration of projects and meetings:

You can use this new functionality completely separate as a task and project manager but the coolest thing is that you can link these lists to your meeting agenda!

This way all tasks from your meeting flow directly into these projects and lists. All linked information is now available inside your project, so you will have full insight.
Also from your meeting you see what project/list is linked and can directly view this list inside your meeting; no need to switch screens.

Agile scrum and list view

And to top everything off you choose to view your project

  • As a list or...
  • Agile scrum template!

You probably now see why I’m so excited. Projects and meetings are tightly linked to each other and RocketMeetings is the first and only tool that actually links this in tooling and make all really easy for you! I know you're excited too, in a week or two we will make this available in your RM!

Happy (Project) Meetings!