Projects is now live in RocketMeetings!

Today I’m delighted to let the world know our all new project-functionality is now available! Go ahead and give it a try; This is a massive upgrade that makes your work way easier. Read on to learn more.

Makes your life easier

I know, you might think RocketMeetings is all about… meetings… isn’t it? Yes, we are all about meetings. The only thing we find more important is...well… that is you! We just really like to make your life easier and more productive.

Manage projects and list in RocketMeetings!

Many meetings are about projects. So why not make your life easier and offer a great task and project manager that integrates seamlessly with your meetings? That is exactly what we did.

This is what you can do:

  • Create shared and personal task-list and projects-lists
  • Manage projects

Full integration of projects and meetings:

You can use this new functionality completely separate as a task and project manager but the coolest thing is that you can link these lists to your meeting agenda!

  • This way all tasks from your meeting flow directly into these projects and lists. All linked information is now available inside your project, so you will have full insight.
  • Also from your meeting you see what project/list is linked and can directly view this list inside your meeting; no need to switch screens.

Get more done

Easily work together, track work and spend less time on emailing and admin work. Our full integration with meetings even saves more time.

Enjoy without extra costs

As we promised, all is included and this all-new functionality is part of it. I know many of you are waiting for this so enjoy and…..

Happy (Project) Meetings!

PS. don’t hesitate to give us feedback. Go to and check it out.