Since a few years now, people try to live on this planet with as low impact as they can. Climate change and all of the consequences resulting out of it made it clear that humankind’s behavior had to change. In the last years, this mindset reached the business world as well. Many coffees get served in reusable cups, which is a good start. The real change will happen if offices avoid to use paper for their day to day projects. Curious how to go paperless?

45% of all office paper the litter bin before the end of the day

Most obviously, this is going to save a lot of resources and therefore be environmentally friendly. Think of all the trees and complete forests that could be saved. I was shocked when I read that the average office worker consumes a staggering 10.000 sheets of paper a year of with 45% lands in the litter bin before the end of the day.

Paperless is safer

A long standing misconception is that paper is safer than digital content. Think about that for a second. Papers do get lost every now and then, laying around unprotected and are not torn apart when put in the litter bin.

Digital on the other hand is great; You can encrypt it, it is easily distributed and you can even access it everywhere if you work in an online platform. If you handle it right and have backup, you will never lose any information anymore. As a little bonus, these documents will always be the latest version and everybody will be literally on the same page.

Business meetings are a great place to start your paperless experience. Also with tools like RocketMeetings it is really easy to go paperless (you wouldn’t want to go back :-) )

Shouldn’t we stop pursuing all these green stuff?

All of these advantages but they don’t have to be a goal themselves. The goal of the organization is mostly not primarily being environmentally friendly. I have some good news: you can have it both ways!

First focus on the goal of your organization and then look for ways that reduce waste in your organisation. Yes, concepts like LEAN are immensely popular, they do good for business and by reducing waste they make your organization more environmentally friendly. Try to do a LEAN-analysis and you will quickly see the common goal.

Taking the Steps towards paperless future

The best place to start looking for opportunities is your daily consumption of paper. A good start is to track your approximate consumption a couple days and you know where you can improve.

We asked many people were they use a lot of paper. Meetings are known for consuming lots of paper and most of these papers are useless after the meeting. Indeed, this is a good place to start making some paperless impact in your work.

RocketMeetings makes the transition easier than ever. You can simply stick to your way of scheduling your meeting online like you probably already do and then use your RocketMeetings account from there on. Our interface guides you through the process and our support team is always here for you if you get stuck.

To round this up: paperless doesn’t have to be a goal on its own but with the current state of technology it actually is a no-brainer. It can be done so effortlessly!

Happy (paperless) Meetings!