There are so many improvements! To give you an overview I made a list of all changes.

New Functionality

  1. Split meeting screen - see agenda and notes in 1 screen, no scrolling or clicking
  2. Expandable agenda items - see details if you need them
  3. Annotate agenda items - Describe what you want to accomplish to get everyone on the same page
  4. See linked documents in the agenda - directly see what documents are linked to a specific agenda item.
  5. Improved topic functionality - This lets you link agenda items with ease to topics and enables you to view everything that is happened on a specific topic across multiple meetings and even outside meetings.
  6. Export meeting as PDF - you can now export or email your meeting minutes as Word or PDF file.
  7. Super good-looking Meeting minutes export - Probably the best looking meeting minutes you ever seen with just 2 clicks.
  8. View documents inside RocketMeetings - you can now view your meeting documents inside RocketMeetings. This way you can look at the underlying information while focussing on the goal and agenda of the meeting
  9. Improved meeting screen - minor improvements to the meeting screen so it looks even better and lets you automatically focus on what is most important
  10. Continued full responsiveness - obviously we made sure that all new features work on every possible screen, from an old iPhone to a brand new super large 4K display

Yes, we pulled it off again! Your meetings keep on getting easier and more effective :-)

Happy Meetings!