A Short History of Goal Setting

Goal setting is probably the one feature that helped humankind to achieve as much as it did. If scientists hadn’t had the goal to be able to step foot on the moon, Neil Armstrong would have probably never been up there. People are able to achieve virtually anything if they set their minds to it and concentrate on the steps they have to take to get there. Naturally, the same applies to meetings. If there is a clear goal that has to be achieved within the timeframe of a meeting, all participants will focus on doing so and work together towards the goal.

The Goal Is Your Guidance

On top of that, goals can help you to determine what should be the outcome. This can be, of course, in the favor of the meeting but also a personal pro. It can help you to decide whether you should participate at all in the meeting or rather skip it. Further, it helps heaps with the structure of the meeting. Goals are most of the time divisible in smaller subgoals, which can be used as agenda points during your meeting to discuss all the important topics coming up.

Goal Setting & Group Behaviour

A meeting is basically a group activity and for these kinds of activities, it is always important to be on the same page. The first step to take to get there is to simply communicate what exactly is the goal and to let everyone know which results should be achieved. If every participant is heading in the same direction, everybody works towards one goal and it can be achieved quicker.

5 Practical Tips for Really Good Meeting Goal Setting

To finish up, we prepared some functional tips for efficient goal setting:

  • Use the SMART principles
  • Decide what you want to accomplish before calling in a meeting and write your goal down in a few sentences
  • Once the goal is set, divide it into steps that have to be taken
  • Share these with other participants
  • Stick to the new goal agenda as strict as you possibly could

Following these easy steps will transform you into a pro goal-setter and who knows, maybe you end up being the new Armstrong in your field. Set your mind to it and you will achieve big things!

And hey, if you are not all about results, don’t worry there is nothing wrong with communicating the goal and simultaneously looking at the bigger picture :-)

Happy Meetings!