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GET MORE DONE RocketMeetings in 3 steps:


Prepare at Rocket-Speed

Prepare meetings at rocket-speed

Effective meetings start with good preparation. RocketMeetings makes preparing fast and easy


Effective meetings

Effective meetings

Communicate like a pro. No mis-communication. Be a great team player.


Easy follow up

Easy follow up on meetings

Clear status and easy tracking of all tasks and decisions.

Great teams use RocketMeetings

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easy meetings
Everyone can use RocketMeetings

Easy to use

RocketMeetings is so intuitive you get it right from the start. Available on desktop, tablet and phone.

reach goals quicker with effective meetings
Get things done

Reach goals quicker

Faster decision-making leads to more results

save time in meetings
Time for things that matter most

Save time

Spend less time on meetings.

get more energy in your meetings
Be happy

Responsibilities are taken

Promote proactive behavior