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RocketMeetings in 3 steps:

Prepare meetings at Rocket-Speed

Set the goal of the meeting, prepare an agenda and add relevant documents. Stop spending time on formatting, copy-pasting and distributing. We make sure all goes smoothly

Have awesome fly by meetings

Communicate like a pro. Since all participants have a common goal in mind, know what to expect and have the same documents to work with, everyone is headed in the same direction.

Easy follow up

Always all of your todos, for all meetings in one place. No need to spend time on email, phone or chat to establish te status of todos. You'll know all before the meeting even started.

We keep on doing what you love most

Our features


Entirely HTTPS and using SHA-2 certificates

Gain time

Safe time to spend on other activities

Quickly realize a goal

Everything is finished in time

Environmental friendly

No need for paper and print, everything is available online

Recurring meetings

We've implemented smart features for recurring meetings

Personal checklist

We remind you of your personal todo list made during the meeting

Private notes and actions

Keep track of your notes and action. Only for your eyes

Delegate tasks

You can't do everything yourself, delegate tasks.

[Coming soon]

Energize your team

Using our tools you can add energy to your meetings!

[Coming soon]

Perfect for on the go

On all your devices

We want to make things as easy as they get. That’s why RocketMeetings can be accessed via your favourite web-browser, tablet and phone.

Happy Meetings!

How does this work?

Schedule a meeting

RocketMeetings can be linked to your own business agenda so you don’t have to re-type anything. You can continue scheduling meetings like you are used to.
  • Sit back and relax, link you agenda in 3 steps and you will automatically have an up-to-date overview of all your meetings.
  • Links with Exchange.
  • Links with office 365.
  • Links with Google apps.
  • No copy-pasting

Prepare meetings at Rocketspeed

Good preparation is the key to an awesome meeting. Participant or organizer; you can prepare for your meetings when and where you want.
  • Define the goal of the meeting
  • Set an agenda with time slots
  • Assign the responsible person to an agenda item
  • Add documents
  • Share instantly with all attendees
  • No formatting
  • No distributing

Have awesome fly by meetings

Communicate like a pro. Since all participants have a common goal in mind, know what to expect and have the same documents to work with, everyone is headed in the same direction, right from the start. Before ending the meeting all participants have a common perception on what’s been said and what’ll be done. Honestly, you’ll be impressed what this does for your meetings effectiveness.
  • Notes, decisions and todos are synced at RocketSpeed
  • Before end of the meeting everyone has same perspective on what has been decided and what should be done
  • No confusion about items to be discussed
  • No sorting out different version of documents
  • No discussion on what should be finished when

Easy follow up

All the actions and decisions for all your meetings, in one place. Rocketmeetings provides you with a personal todo-list. No more hassle with lose sheets of paper or confusion about who does what. You can even check the status of todo’s of others. No need to spend time checking in on each other by phone or mail to establish the progress. Easy. Told you.
  • All actions and decisions in one place
  • Personal todo-list
  • Check the status of all todo's in real-time
  • No hassle with loose sheets of paper
  • No confusion about who does what
  • No need to spend time on checking the progress

Build for EU organisations

We know how important security and privacy is to you. We implemented the highest standards in security. From encryption to physical access to the server. Our servers are located in Frankfurt and comply with EU data protection directive. On top they cleared since 2013 by DNB (De Nederlandsche Bank) to be used in all facets of financial operations. And comply with it. We don’t joke around about security.